On Sept 1st REJ Firearms Training moved to Tucson, AZ

On Sept 1st REJ Firearms Training moved to Tucson, AZ

During September I have been busy unpacking and setting up the
necessary corporate structure, bank accounts and websites to do
business in Arizona. I also l need to secure first rate classrooms and 
shooting ranges to host my classes.
This takes some time to accomplish and I will not be offerring
USCCA Instructor traing classes until December, possibly January.

While I plan a range of classes and training, my initial focus
will be in providing high quality training to qualified
individuals seeking to become USCCA Certified Instructors.  

The USCCA has a truly outstanding series of instructor classes
that qualify folks who become Certified Instructors to teach
Home Defense, Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry.

These are state of the art classes with great material based on
Michael Martin's award winning text Home Defense and Concealed 

See the details on USCCA Instructor Classes 

Please pardon my use of my old MN website while I design and create a new website for my AZ business.  I expect it will be ready in late October, perhaps earlier.



Experience Counts, We have


Trained over 1,600 folks !


But Why Select Us for Your Training?


I am both National Rifle Association (NRA) and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Certified Instructor in good standing. In December of 2015 I attended intensive training sessions and was made a Training Counselor for the United States Concealed Carry Association.  I am a trainer and mentor\coach for qualifying their certified instructors. Over 150 experienced instructors applied and I am one of the 60 who were accepted and quaified as instructors.


I have spent years developing my knowledge of firearms and training skills, so I can train you safely and effectively. Our training is recognized in many states and our certification can allow you to obtain carry permits in over 40 states today


I'm also a graduate of Massad Ayoob's intensive 40 hour class MAG 40 Range and Armed Citizen's Rules of Engagement class.  In fact, I have passed this class more than once and have taken 4 other Massad designed classes with his chief instructor David Maglio.  I am also a Massad Ayoob Group Certified Instructor having completed their grueling 3 day 2,000 round Instructor Training Class.   I believe I have both been expertly trained in this vital and complex body of knowledge. I also took a 20 hour class co taught by Massad, Marty Hayes and James Fleming focused on Armed Citizen Defense and related Legal issues


I have also qualified as as an instructor for John Farnam's tactical training company, Defensive Training International.  John, a combat decorated Marine officer and 40 plus year LEO has been my primary tactical trainer and I've attended 10 classes and taken almost 200 hrs of training with John.

My training partners and all of the instructors my training company certifies to the MN BCA to teach Permit to Carry in MN are active in IDPA.  We shoot frequently and have extensive training in competitive and tactical shooting.


In MN my training partner and I concentrated on the basic pistol, basic competitive shooting  and Permit to Carry Classes and we both hold the Advanced Defensive Pistol Certification  (something less than 1% of their Certified Instructors hold this designation) and Chief Range Safety Officers certifcation from the NRA.  Guest instructors I host such as World Champion Robert Vogel and Championship Shooter Michael Seeklander focus on more Advanced classes like MAG 20, Competition and Defensive shooting classes.  


We will all work with you to assure you have the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to safely use a firearm for the purpose you intend.  I also host other national and local experts in competitive shooting and in basic and Advanced pistol and AR -15. These outside experts generally have a background in competitive shooting, law enforcement and/or the military depending on the class being taught.  


As a Certified Instructors and a Training Counselor, we offer a full range of courses for all skill levels. We also offer a beginning and advanced classes and can do most private classes during the week or weekends to fit your schedule. 


We strongly believe in continuous training and practice. We shoot many guns and fire thousands of rounds per year. Bob is a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and is NRA certified in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun! Bob is also a graduate of Front Sight's 4 day Handgun class.  We promise caring expert real world professional training from educated, articulate instructors who care that you understand the material.


Our students consistently rate us as exceeding their expectations. We team teach and have experience training hundreds of shooters. Students have ranged from brand new shooters to police and Force Recon Marines. While you must be 20 to take the Permit to Carry Class, we routinely train folks between 20 and 85 and specialize in folks with physical challenges.


References are available, and we support our students during and after the class. 


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